Welcome to Norfolk’s oldest natural history organisation - dedicated to conserving the county's wildlife for the past 147 years.

Why not join us? You don’t need to be an expert. We have plenty of members who are only too willing to share their knowledge and expertise and help you learn more about the natural world.

You in turn can help them in their valuable work of studying and recording Norfolk’s wildlife, gathering information to help protect endangered species and habitats.

Our members can:

  • Come to all our indoor and field meetings, free of charge
  • Join in research projects led by our Research Committee
  • Take part in the activities of a number of specialist groups

Our members receive:

  • Our annual Norfolk Bird & Mammal Report
  • Our annual Transactions (reports on Norfolk's natural history and survey results)
  • Our quarterly illustrated bulletin, The Norfolk Natterjack
  • Other publications, either free or at a discount

You may like to read the Society's Annual Report.