Occasional Publications

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Tony Leech, NNNS Publications, 3 Eccles Road, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6HJ

"Hidden Lives: Discovering a hidden world of parasitic animals in East Anglia", by Graham Kearn, NNNS Occasional Publication 15, is available for £7.50 (inc P&P).

Bumblebees of Norfolk - now reprinted

We notice bumblebees visiting the flowers in our gardens and, if we look closely, we notice that they are not all the same. In fact, there are 17 breeding species that survive in Norfolk out of a former total of 20 in the early 20th century. In that time four have been lost and a new species, the tree bumblebee, appeared for the first time in 2008. However, only six of the bumblebee species can be classified as "common", although the newcomer might soon join the group known as The Big Six. Two of the cuckoo bumblebee species are also classed as "common" but to track down other species involves searching specific local habitats.

All this information and a great deal more is to be found in the Society's latest Occasional Publication (No. 14), The Bumblebees of Norfolk, written and illustrated with photographs and delicate paintings by the Society's chairman, Dr Nick Owens, with a major contribution by the Society's treasurer, David Richmond, in the shape of distribution maps and notes on the history of recording. David is, in fact, the county bumblebee recorder.

Each of the existing Norfolk species is detailed in two pages of description, ecology and present status, and there are chapters on the anatomy, lifecycle and behaviour of bees. The status of bumblebees in Norfolk is compared with that of other counties and there are valuable sections on where to look for bumblebees and how to attract them to your garden by providing nest and hibernation sites and plenty of food.

Price £8.00 including postage.

A Flora of King's Lynn

The Society's 128pp Occasional Publication No. 13 by Frances Schumann & Robin Stevenson is an account of the distribution of over 800 wild plant species in a 5 x 5km area in and around King's Lynn. A 32pp introduction, including over 75 colour photographs taken by the authors, describes the mostly urban habitats in the town. The species accounts which follow include 400 maps.

Price £9.50 including postage.

Checklist of the Birds of Norfolk by Keith Dye and Mick Fiszer

The Society's Occasional Publication No. 12. This handy-sized 40 page booklet lists the 427 full species of bird, and a further 15 recognisable forms, which have been recorded in Norfolk. For each is listed their seasonal abundance or rarity status. Five columns are provided for personal lists.

Price: £2.50 post free.

Flordon Common Transactions

This special edition of the Society’s annual Transactions includes 116pp of articles and illustrations on Flordon Common, the subject of an intensive study by members of the Society to document the changes in flora and fauna that have taken place there since Burrell & Clarke’s account was published one hundred years ago. Over twenty papers cover virtually all groups, together with historical information and a facsimile reprint of the original paper.

Price £8.50 including postage.

Previous Publications

The Society has been producing Occasional Publications for more than 20 years on subjects ranging from birds to dragonflies to grasshoppers to trees.

Several of these have proved to be “best-sellers” and are no longer available in printed form but the Society plans to make some of them accessible in PDF format in the future.

Publications still available in book form are:

  • Catfield Hall
  • Grasshoppers and allied insects of Norfolk, by David Richmond
  • The Ecology of the Egyptian Goose at Holkham Park, Norfolk, by Bryan Sage
  • Birds in Norfolk and the law, past and present, by Martin George

For details of availability and prices, please email info@nnns.org.uk.