Fungus Study Group Home Page

Welcome to the Norfolk Fungus Study Group home page. We are a specialist group established in 2000 interested in identifying and recording fungi  in Norfolk. We hold regular fungus forays throughout the year - please do come along to one! If you are interested in having us survey your land please contact Tony Leech (see email below).

Norfolk fungus forays Beginners, new members, guests and visitors from other groups are always very welcome at forays or lab meetings - no equipment is needed but a handlens, a reference book and a box/basket for collecting specimens will be useful. For the latest foray programme contact Tony Leech (see email below)

Please see our 'Sporeprint' newsletters:

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Number 6; August 2014 newsletter

Norfolk Fungus Recorder: Dr Tony Leech
For Dersingham Mushroom Club contact Keith Fox: 07547464703 / 01485535496